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OUTINGS(MUST sign up at meeting or with Kelly @
Wednesday, November 14th @ 10am - Quester's Way
Signed waivers needed.  You can print them at or have parents fill them out online.​

Friday, December 7th @ 10am - SANTA​​​ at Windham Senior Center
*Cut Off Date to sign up is 11/21

There is no meeting in December.

​Annual "I Survived the Holidays" Dinner 
Friday, January 4th @ 6pm
Roberto's Log Cabin in Lebanon

​​​​​​​WEDNESDAY, February 13, 2019 @ 7pm
Windham Hospital Desrosier's Conference Room
Workshop: Make and Take​​
Refreshments will be provided by: Misty
Raffle prizes will be provided by: Misty & Jenn

This information is updated monthly.
​All available spaces are subject to change.


​Infant spots: 1 - Over 2 years old spots: 3 - Misty Berthiaume - Misty Berthiaume's Home Day Care & Preschool   - 456-9952
Infant spots: 1 - Over 2 years old spots: 3 ​- Linda Coulombe - Linda's Day Care - 456-2352
Infant spots: 0
 - Over 2 years old spots: 1  - Alice Hazzard - Red Thread Day Care - 456-1640
Infant spots:
2 - Over 2 years old spots: 4  ​- Nancy Lemire - Extended Family Day Care - 456-8799
Infant spots:
1 - Over 2 years old spots: 2  - Liz Schwanke - Footprints Child Care - 423-0089

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
 1 - Melanie Gagnon​ - 450-6645
Infant spots: 0
 - Over 2 years old spots: 0 - Cathy Robacker - Out Came the Sun Child Care - 208-0374 

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0
  - Tia Fricano - Forever Friends - 456-1176

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
1  ​​- Shelley Hickey - Shelley's Family Day Care - 228-1935
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots
: 0  - Pat Kitchen - Pat's House Child Care - 228-8481
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0
  - Jennifer Zator - Jenn-Jenn's Place - 228-3299

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots​​​: 0 - Andrea Martin - 742-2811

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
1  - Kelly Lisee - Small Wonders Day Care - 228-1718

Infant spots: 0
 - Over 2 years old spots: 1  - Lindsay Hayes - ​​​​​​​​​Happy Hoppers Day Care - 377-3125

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
1 - Rebecca Berta - Becky's Lil Sprouts - 908-5603
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
1 - Gloria Carabillo - Just Like Home Day Care - 884-8465​
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0
  - Karen Germain - Germain Family Day Care - 267-6873
​Infant spots: 0
 - Over 2 years old spots: 0 - Deb Pothier - Munchkins Unlimited Family Daycare - 267-6778​​​​
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0 - Shelly Walters - Country Kids Day Care - 537-5455​


​​​​                                                                                                                                                .
STEAM Bins (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)



Questions or concerns regarding this site can be directed to Kelly Lisee at
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  Lindsay Hayes  
                                       WINDHAM AREA FAMILY CHILD CARE ASSOCIATION
                                                                REGULAR MEETING MINUTES
                                                                           November 8th, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm. Members present were: Co-President L. Hayes, Secretary K. Lisee, Treasurer M. Berthiaume, J. Zator, T. Fricano, L. Coulombe, S. Hickey, D. Pothier, K. Germain,
G. Carabillo, P. Kitchen, S. Walters, L. Schwanke and A. Martin.


D. Pothier motioned to accept the reports. J. Zator seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

P. Kitchen reported that the Columbia Library Quarterly Book Sale is this weekend.


​• Field Trips
o Wednesday, November 14th @ 10am – Quester’s Way – signed waivers needed
o Friday, December 7th @ 10am – SANTA at Windham Senior Center
*Cut Off Date to sign up is 11/21*

​• Quality Enhancement Grant
o Instructional Supplies
 Highlights Magazine – J. Zator will be ordering these before the new year.
 Fall Choices – A sign-up sheet with pictures was passed around for members to choose which items they would like to receive from the grant funds. The items will be ordered and hopefully received for distribution at the annual dinner in January.
• Choice #1 – Career Gear dress up & book
• Choice #2 – Counting Cars & Water Wow Cards
• Choice #3 – Zoo themed organizing tote/play mat & zoo animals

​• Thrive Workshop: “The Effects of Trauma and Housing Insecurity on Young Children and their Families”. The workshop will be held November 17th at Windham Hospital, 9:00am to 1:30pm. To register, please go to A sign-up sheet was passed around for refreshments needed. K. Germain will double check which conference room the class will be in.

​• “I Survived the Holidays” Annual Dinner
Friday, 1/4/19 @ 6pm at Roberto’s Log Cabin in Lebanon.
K. Lisee will send out invitations in mid-December. Discussion was made regarding doing a gift swap. Members who want to participate can bring a wrapped “regift” or purchase a $10-15 gift.

​• Professional website – K. Lisee reported that since the fees to start up the new website will be close to, if not over $100, we need to vote on whether or not to spend treasury funds. K. Lisee researched costs to upgrade the current website. It will be approximately $86 per year plus a one-time fee for whatever it might cost for a domain name. D. Pothier motioned to approve using treasury funds to pay for an updated website. L. Hayes seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



Raffle winners were: A. Martin, L. Coulombe, G. Carabillo, & T. Fricano

Taxes Plus presented by Bart Goodin

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm. There is no meeting in December. We hope to see you at the annual holiday dinner in January. The next regular meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY, February 13th, @ 7:00pm. Workshop topic: Make & Take

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Lisee
WAFCCA Secretary

Members can borrow the 3 STEAM bins WAFCCA owns.
     *​Water Exploration
     *Insects and Life Cycles
​​​If you'd like to sign up to use them, email Kelly @  The available dates are listed on the sign up sheet posted here., (dates subject to change).  When you are finished with the bin it is your responsibility to get it to the next person on the list, on or before the date they signed up for it.  If there is no one on the list immediately after you, you can return it to a board member for storage.

​Benefits of Membership

Support Group - Our support group offers opportunities to share ideas, activities, concerns and enthusiasm with other members.
Child Care Referrals - The association assists providers with filling open child care positions and refers parents to quality child care.
Professional Development - Free workshops and training are offered in all areas related to child care.
Enrichment Grant - The majority of our workshops, special events and field trips are funded by the Town of Windham's Enrichment Grant, therefore we do not need to do any fundraising.
Special Events & Field Trips - Special group activities are planned monthly for the day care children of members. For example: visits to see Santa & the Easter Bunny, children's museums and travelling classrooms to name just a few.
Willimantic Public Library Book Bag Kits - The children's department has book bags with several themes, props & suggested activities available to members.
Conference and Workshop Information
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Meeting Information
Ask yourself these questions:
Do you feel isolated in your job because you rarely have someone to share your thoughts with (talking to your toddlers doesn't count)?
Do you feel over-whelmed and under-appreciated?
Do you need ideas to fill the day?
Do you wish you could enjoy your job more, but you don't know how?
Do you want to take the children on free filed trips?
Do you want to further your knowledge on early childhood education?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please come join us for 3 complimentary meetings. Meetings are held at Windham Hospital in the Desrosiers Conference Room on the 2nd Thursday of the month with the exception of July, August and December. Each meeting includes a short business meeting, a workshop pertaining to child care, a raffle and refreshments. In January and June we meet at an alternate location for an informal dinner with friends.  We'd love it if you joined us to see what we're all about.
* * * To see the NOVEMBER Meeting Minutes, scroll to the bottom * * *

​The words ‘art’ and ‘craft’ are often used interchangeably in preschool settings. However, they are, when really considered, very different. I KNOW this topic is a hot button for many.

Lisa Murphy, aka the Ooey Gooey Lady, often says in workshops and her podcast that we need to consider 3 things when we plan (and this does not apply only to Arts & Crafts):

1. What are we doing?
2. Why are we doing it?
3. Who is it for?

My goal here is two-fold:

To let you know where I stand on the topic and why and
To encourage us all to think deeper when it comes to doing activities “for parents”, or even for us, because we think it’s a cute activity or for children and think about developmental skills required for each before we plan them.

Art and Craft Defined
ART: Per Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, art is defined as a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation.

It is also defined as the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.

Oxford Dictionary (online) further defines it as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

CRAFT: A craft is defined as skill in planning, making, or executing and as an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill

A cursory reading of these definitions seems to suggest they are similar. They are the act of creating. However, there is a difference.

Did you see the difference in the above definitions?

The primary focus of art is creative imagination. The primary focus of a craft is, in my interpretation, a set outcome. (The final product is planned, then made and then executed upon). In addition, it requires manual dexterity.

So..What’s the Difference?
The difference is Art is subjective. Crafts are objective. What does this mean in preschool? It means that art is subject to the preschooler’s creative imagination and the outcome is his/hers whereas crafts have a prescribed outcome before the activity begins.

Is One “Better” Than the Other?

I don’t think ‘better’ is the word I’d use. I would say that art (when open-ended) is more developmentally appropriate for preschoolers.

There are many foundational skills preschoolers need to develop before going to elementary school. Providing art activities that allow them to use a variety of tools and mediums as well as explore and investigate how these tools and mediums work will help them develop in the top domain areas.

Crafts do not, most times, provide this ability.

Why not? Well, because the focus is using set materials in a set way to provide a set outcome.

The goal of doing crafts, in most cases, is for the parents (specifically so we have an object to send home).

Certainly, if all children are making a bunny out of the materials provided, each bunny rabbit will look a bit different.

Perhaps the color of paint they choose is different or the eyes are placed closer or further apart. However, in the end, there will be 16 bunnies that look strikingly alike.

The skills children learn doing this (and the ones many educators state when providing craft activities) are fine motor development, following through on a task and following directions.

I agree that crafts do provide an opportunity to work on use these skills, however, they do not help children develop these skills. To me, that is the biggest difference.

It takes fine motor control to place small items on a craft. Crafts do not help preschoolers’ to ‘develop’ fine motor skills. They require preschoolers to have some level of mastery in fine motor control. Art activities, when open ended, allow the opportunity for children to develop these skills.

In my years working with preschoolers, I plan art activities 98% of the time with the goal of providing opportunities for the children to develop and strengthen areas such as fine motor control, eye-hand coordination and creative thinking.

I do, on occasion, plan crafts for special events (such as Mother’s & Father’s Day and Christmas) and provide the activity as an open choice for children. There are also times when children want to make something that looks like a specific “thing”. When this is the case, I do provide the materials that child needs to create the said “thing”, however, I do not plan it as the art activity for all the children for the day.

To read more about this topic, you can go to the article on the website where I go into more detail about the differences between subjective and objective activities.

We'll talk more about art and preschoolers next week!

Until then,
Happy Planning!

​to the website!
  Melanie Gagnon
  Misty Berthiaume
Kelly Lisee