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Cathy Tormey 456-3161​                Kim Sutherland 468-0053            Kelly Lisee 228-1718
                               Lindsey Hayes 377-3125                                                         email:                    
Jenn Zator 228-3299                                                                                                    ​

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OUTINGS(MUST sign up at meeting or with Cathy @ 456-3161 or

Friday, Sept. 22nd @ 10am - Two Right Feet - "Autumn Leaves, but Returns Every Year" @ Willimantic Library​

Monday, Oct. 2nd @ 10am - Hurst Farm​​​

Wednesday, Oct. 18th @ 10am​​ - South Windham Fire Department

Monday, October 30th - Halloween Party​​ @ Windham Senior Center


Thursday, October 12th @ 7:00pm ​​​@ Windham Hospital in the Desrosier's Conference Room
Workshop:  Using Music to Support Developmental Milestones presented by Infinity Music
Raffle items to be donated​ by:  Deb & Linda
Snacks to be donated by:  Lindsay & Jenn​

Thursday, November 9th @ 7:00pm @ Windham Hospital in the Desrosier's Conference Room
​​​Workshop:  Anxious Children-Supporting Courage and Calm presented by Ruth Freeman
Raffle items to be donated by:​  Misty & _______
Snacks to be donated by:  Misty & ________​

No meeting in December.​​


This information is updated monthly.
​All available spaces are subject to change.


​Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 3 - Misty Berthiaume - Misty Berthiaume's Home Day Care & Preschool   - 456-9952
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 1 ​- 
Linda Coulombe - Linda's Day Care - 456-2352
Infant spots: 0
 - Over 2 years old spots: 1  - Alice Hazzard - Red Thread Day Care - 456-1640
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
2  ​- Nancy Lemire - Extended Family Day Care - 456-8799
Infant spots: 0
 - Over 2 years old spots: 0  - Rosangela Roman - Family Home Day Care - 771-3350
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
2  - Liz Schwanke - Footprints Child Care - 423-0089
Infant spots:
0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0  - Cathy Tormey - Cathy Cares Child Care - 456-3161
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
2  - Melanie Gagnon​ - 450-6645
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0
  - Cathy Robacker - Out Came the Sun Child Care - 456-1851

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
1  - Tia Fricano - Forever Friends - 456-1176

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0  ​​- Shelley Hickey - Shelley's Family Day Care - 228-1935
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots
: 0  - Pat Kitchen - Pat's House Child Care - 228-8481
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
1  - Jennifer Zator - Jenn-Jenn's Place - 228-3299

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
2  - Kelly Lisee - Small Wonders Day Care - 228-1718

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0  - Lindsay Hayes - ​​​​​​​​​Happy Hoppers Day Care - 377-3125

Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots: 0  - Karen Germain - Germain Family Day Care - 267-6873
Infant spots: 0 - Over 2 years old spots:
0 - Deb Pothier - Munchkins Unlimited Family Daycare - 267-6778​​​​


​​​​                                                                                                                                                .



President                                Vice-President                        Treasurer                               Secretary 
Questions or concerns regarding this site can be directed to Kelly Lisee at
                  228-8481                                    456-1176                             456-9952                                228-1718       
  Pat Kitchen                                 Tia Fricano                      Misty Berthiaume                         Kelly Lisee    
                                       WINDHAM AREA FAMILY CHILD CARE ASSOCIATION
                                                                REGULAR MEETING MINUTES
                                                                               September 14th, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm. Members present were President P. Kitchen,
Vice-President T. Fricano, Secretary K. Lisee, Treasurer M. Berthiaume, C. Tormey, K. Sutherland,
K. Germain, D. Pothier, N. Lemire, C. Hall Robacker, L. Hayes, J. Zator, M. Gagnon and guest B. Berta.

D. Pothier motioned to accept the reports. K. Germain seconded the motion. Upon discussion, the motion was unanimously accepted.

P. Kitchen reported that she has been visiting St. Joseph’s Living Center with her day care kids to exercise with the seniors. She reported that they have a new recreation coordinator who encourages us to visit.

M. Berthiaume reported that R. Congdon is not going to continue doing day care or pursue her substitute license.

1. Election Results:
• President – P. Kitchen
• Vice-President – T. Fricano
• Secretary – K. Lisee
• Treasurer – M. Berthiaume
• Member at Large – K. Sutherland
• Grant Facilitators – J. Zator & L. Hayes (mentored by C. Tormey)
2. Field Trips
• Friday, 9/22 – 10:00am - Two Right Feet “Autumn Leaves, but Returns Every Year” @ Willimantic Library
• Monday, 10/2 – 10:00am - Hurst Farm $8 per person age 1+ (Grant funded)
• Wednesday, 10/18 – 10:00am – Fire Safety @ South Windham Fire Department
• Monday, 10/30 – 10:00am – Halloween Party @ Windham Senior Center
i. Discussion was made regarding goodie bags & activities to do at the party.
3. Quality Enhancement Grant Update
• C. Tormey reported that she had a grant meeting over the summer with the new Grant Facilitators to prepare them for the 2018/2019 grant.
• C. Tormey reported that we have been given $5250.00 to spend for the 2017/2018 fiscal year.
i. Grant Funded Workshops: $900
October: Infinity Music - Using Music to Support Developmental Milestones
November: Ruth Freeman – Anxious Children Supporting Courage & Calm
April: Dr. Nanette Tummers - Mindfulness in Education
ii. Grant Funded Outings: $1500
September: Two Right Feet
October: Hurst Farm
November: Native American Storytime
Spring date TBD: Dr. Nanette Tummers - Yoga and Mindfulness
iii. Instructional Supplies: $2850
None decided upon at this time.
iv. Discussion was made regarding the possibility of and/or how to work in mini grants so that providers can purchase individual items and receive reimbursement from the grand funds.

K. Sutherland reported that there is a water table that was left over from the spring instructional supplies. Discussion was made regarding selling it to a member who did not receive one.
C. Hall Robacker agreed to purchase it from the association for $20.00.


Raffle winners were D. Pothier, B. Berta, P. Kitchen, M. Berthiaume, K. Lisee, K. Sutherland and
N. Lemire.

Jennifer Smith from ACCESS Agency-Child and Adult Care Food Program
Meaghan Penrod from ECSU’s Jumpstart Program

The meeting was adjourned at 8:42pm. The next regular meeting will be held on Thursday, October 12th @ 7:00pm, Using Music to Support Developmental Milestones presented by Infinity Music

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lisee
WAFCCA Secretary

In an effort not to plagiarize myself, please note that some of the photos below were taken off the internet.  I have done most of the crafts in my day care, so if you have any questions as to how to make a specific craft, please contact me @

​Benefits of Membership

Support Group - Our support group offers opportunities to share ideas, activities, concerns and enthusiasm with other members.
Child Care Referrals - The association assists providers with filling open child care positions and refers parents to quality child care.
Professional Development - Free workshops and training are offered in all areas related to child care.
Enrichment Grant - The majority of our workshops, special events and field trips are funded by the Town of Windham's Enrichment Grant, therefore we do not need to do any fundraising.
Special Events & Field Trips - Special group activities are planned monthly for the day care children of members. For example: visits to see Santa & the Easter Bunny, children's museums and travelling classrooms to name just a few.
Willimantic Public Library Book Bag Kits - The children's department has book bags with several themes, props & suggested activities available to members.
Conference and Workshop Information
Support and Collaboration from the Windham Family Resource Center
Community Service Projects
Meeting Information
Ask yourself these questions:
Do you feel isolated in your job because you rarely have someone to share your thoughts with (talking to your toddlers doesn't count)?
Do you feel over-whelmed and under-appreciated?
Do you need ideas to fill the day?
Do you wish you could enjoy your job more, but you don't know how?
Do you want to take the children on free filed trips?
Do you want to further your knowledge on early childhood education?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please come join us for 3 complimentary meetings. Meetings are held at Windham Hospital in the Desrosiers Conference Room on the 2nd Thursday of the month with the exception of July, August and December. Each meeting includes a short business meeting, a workshop pertaining to child care, a raffle and refreshments. In January and June we meet at an alternate location for an informal dinner with friends.  We'd love it if you joined us to see what we're all about.
* * * To see the SEPTEMBER Meeting Minutes, scroll to the bottom * * *
Our apologies...this section has been discontinued.  If you would like to see some more craft/project ideas, request to be invited to our closed Facebook group.
Have any ideas about Halloween games or activities?  Email Kelly and the suggestions will be discussed at the next board meeting.  Thanks!